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Етикет: Доставка на масови съобщения
Етикет: Доставка на масови съобщения
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== Digital Postcards and Certifications ==
[[File:Wikipedia_Asian_Month_Logo.svg|link=M:Wikipedia_Asian_Month_2019|right|217x217px|Wikipedia Asian Month 2019]]
Dear Participants and Organizers,
Because of the COVID19 pandemic, there are a lot of countries’ international postal systems not reopened yet. We would like to send all the participants digital postcards and digital certifications for organizers to your email account in the upcoming weeks. For the paper ones, we will track the latest status of the international postal systems of all the countries and hope the postcards and certifications can be delivered to your mailboxes as soon as possible.
Take good care and wish you all the best.
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