Разлика между версии на „Британия (римска провинция)“

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* [http://www.rcahmw.gov.uk/HI/ENG/Heritage+of+Wales/Across+Time/Roman+Wales/ Roman Wales RCAHMW]*
* [http://www.roman-britain.org/epigraphy/rib_index.htm ''The Roman Inscriptions of Britain''] -- an online version of the authoritative collection of R.G. Collingwood and R.P. Wright
* [http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/history/inourtime/inourtime_20030501.shtml "''Roman Britain – the effects of 400 years of occupation"''] on [[BBC Radio 4]]'s ''[[In Our Time (BBC Radio 4)|In Our Time]]'' featuring Greg Woolf, Mary Beard and Catharine Edwards
== Галерия ==