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| align="center" | [[Смъртоносна инжекция]]||
| align="center" | [[Махало (мъчения)|Махало]]<ref>R.D. Melville (1905), „The Use and Forms of Judicial Torture in England and Scotland,“ ''The Scottish Historical Review'', vol. 2, p. 228; Geoffrey Abbott (2006) ''Execution: the guillotine, the Pendulum, the Thousand Cuts, the Spanish Donkey, and 66 Other Ways of Putting Someone to Death'', MacMillan, ISBN 03123522200-312-35222-0, p. 213. Both refer to the use of the pendulum (''pendola'')by inquisitorial tribunals. Melville, however, refers only to its use as a torture method, while Abbott suggests that the device was purposely allowed to kill the victim if he refused to confess.</ref>|| Устройство с глава на [[брадва]] сече все по-навътре в тялото на осъдения||
| align="center" | [[Отрова]]|| например [[смъртоносна инжекция]]