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В [[Средновековие|средновековните]] мюсюлмански култури интимните отношения между мъже били широко разпространени.<ref name='El-Rouayheb' /> Те били и основно вдъхновение на някои от най-знаменитите близкоизточни творци от епохата, като арабския поет [[Абу Нууас]] и персийските художници [[Риза Аббаси]] и [[Мухаммад Касим]] ([[16 век|16]]-[[17 век]]).<ref name="Crompton">Louis Crompton. ''Homosexuality and Civilization''. Belknap, Harvard, 2003. ISBN 0-674-01197-X</ref> Като аргумент за това, че изричните забрани и суровите наказания в [[Коран]]а са насочени не толкова срещу еднополовите сексуални отношения, колкото срещу тяхната публичност и показност, се посочва факта, че според [[шериат]]а, за да бъдат наказани участниците в [[хомосексуално сношение]], то трябва да е било видяно от четирима мъже или осем жени.
== Terminology ==
''Pansexual'',''omnisexual'' and ''pomosexual'' (post-modern sexual) are [[neologism]]s that also refer to people who are attracted to more than one gender. Rather than ''both'' or ''bi'' gender attraction, they refer to ''all'' or ''omni'' gender attraction, and are often used mainly by those who wish to express their understanding and acceptance of ''all'' gender possibilities including [[transgender]] and [[intersex]] people, not just two. Pansexuality sometimes includes an attraction for less mainstream sexual activities, such as [[BDSM]].
''Trysexual'' (sometimes ''trisexual'') is a neologism and a pun on ''bisexual''. It is used as a humorous term for someone who will try any sexual experience at least once.
People who are not bisexual are either ''monosexual'' (attracted to only one gender) or [[asexual]] (attracted to no genders).
==Bisexuality in Western Culture==
Gay and lesbian people have sometimes perceived (and adopted) the bisexual label as a way of holding on to heterosexual privilege. This often leads to the misperception that anyone who identifies as bisexual is really gay or lesbian but afraid to admit it. This misperception is often evident in popular culture, in film, television and in music and in the popular saying in gay culture: 'Bi now gay later'. The television show ''[[Friends]]'' sported a short song about the topic that expresses a common (if misinformed) opinion on the subject:
''"Sometimes men love women,''<br />
''Sometimes men love men,''<br />
''Then there are bisexuals''<br />
''Though some people say they're kidding themselves"''<br />
Because many bisexual people often do not feel that they fit into either the [[gay community]] or the heterosexual world, and because they have a tendency to become invisible in public (fitting in rather seamlessly into both [[homosexual]] and [[heterosexual]] society), some bisexual persons are committed to forming their own communities and movement.
''[[Biphobia]]'' is a [[neologism]] that describes either the view that people are either heterosexual or homosexual, or expresses disapproval of bisexuals. Bisexual persons may also be the target of [[homophobia]].
:''"A bisexual is a person who reaches down the front of somebody's pants and is satisfied with whatever they find."'' -- [[Dana Carvey]] as the church lady, [[Saturday Night Live]]
==The bisexual pride flag==
[[image:Bi-flag-large.png|thumb|250px|right|The bisexual pride flag]]In an effort to create both more visibility, and a symbol for the bisexual community to gather behind, Michael Page created the [[bisexual pride flag]].
The bisexual flag, which has a pink or red stripe at the top for homosexuality, a blue one on the bottom for heterosexuality and a purple one in the middle to represent bisexuality, as purple is from the combination of red and blue.
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