Разлика между версии на „Intel 8080“

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| pack1 = 40 pin [[dual in-line package|DIP]]
[[Image:AMD C8080A.jpg|thumb|150px|Клонинг на [[AMD]] clone]]
[[Image:NEC 8080AF cropped.png|thumb|150px|[[NEC Corporation|NEC]] 8080AF ([[second source|2nd-source]]).]]
The '''Intel 8080''' was an early [[microprocessor]] designed and manufactured by [[Intel]]. The [[8-bit]] [[central processing unit|CPU]] was released in April 1974 running at 2 [[megahertz|MHz]] (at up to 500,000 [[instructions per second]]), and is generally considered to be the first truly usable microprocessor CPU design. It was implemented in [[NMOS logic|NMOS]].