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:Good to hear from you again! I believe Kostandovo is part of obshtina Rakitovo, because that's what [[Костандово]] says, as you correctly noted. It was a "village" until 2003, when it obtained its new status. Cheers, --[[Потребител:Александър|Александър Бахнев]] 13:11, 9 януари 2009 (UTC)
:: Thank you very much! Here I have completed every obshtinas in oblast Pazardzhik :) You can see current [[:ja:Wikipedia:ウィキプロジェクト ブルガリア#オプシュティナ記事作成状況|progress]] if you want to. --[[Потребител:Peccafly|Peccafly]] 09:41, 10 януари 2009 (UTC)