Разлика между версии на „Теодор I Ласкарис“

== Управление ==
[[Файл:Byzantium1204.png|мини|300п|дясно|Латинската империя, [[Никейска империя|Никейската империя]], [[Трапезундска империя|Трапезундската империя]] и [[Епирско деспотство|Епирскота деспотство]]. Границите не са много точни.]]
През 1199 година Теодор се жени за [[Анна Ангелина]], дъщеря на византийския император [[Алексий III Ангел]] и [[Ефросина Дукина Каматерина]].
In 1199, Theodore married [[Anna Angelina]], daughter of the [[Byzantine Emperor]] [[Alexios III Angelos]] and [[Euphrosyne Doukaina Kamatera]]. By this marriage he was brother-in-law of [[Eudocia Angelina|Eudokia Angelina]].
Theodore later distinguished himself during the sieges of [[Constantinople]] by the Latins of the [[Fourth Crusade]] (1203-1204). He remained in Constantinople until the Latins actually penetrated into the city, at which point he fled across [[Bosphorus]] together with his wife. At about the same time his brother [[Constantine Laskaris]] was unsuccessfully proclaimed emperor by some of the defenders of Constantinople. In [[Bithynia]] Theodore established himself in [[İznik|Nicaea]], which became the chief rallying-point for his countrymen.