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Лампедуза е най-голямата част от общината на [[Лампедуза и Линоза]], която включва също по-малките острови [[Линоза]] и [[Лампионе]].
<!-- ==Geography & Climate==
[[Image:Pelagie Islands map.png|thumb|right|200px|Lampedusa and nearby islands]]
Политически и административно Лампедуза е част от [[Италия]], но географски принадлежи на [[Африка]], дълбо1ината на морето между острова и африканския бряг на надвишава 120 м. Lampedusa is an arid island, dominated by a [[garigue]] landscape, with [[maquis shrubland]] in the west. It has no sources of water other than irregular rainfall. The fauna and flora of Lampedusa are similar to those of North Africa, with a few [[Pelagic zone|pelagic]] [[Endemism|endemic]] species. {{Citation needed|date=August 2010}} Overall the island has two slopes, from west to east, and from north to south of the island. The southern-western side is dominated by deep gorges, while the south-eastern part is dominated by shallows valleys and sandy beaches. The entire northern coast is dominated by cliffs, gently slope cliffs on the east coast, vertical sheer cliffs on the west coast.
The first [[telephone]] connection with Sicily was installed only in the 1960s. In the same decade an electric power station was built. The western part of the island became a U.S. Coast Guard [[LORAN-C transmitter Lampedusa|LORAN-C transmitter]] in 1972.
In 1979, [[Kay Hartzell|Lt. Kay Hartzell, United States Coast Guard]] [http://www.uscg.mil/history/uscghist/WomenChronology.asp took command] of the Coast Guard base, becoming the first female commanding officer of an isolated [http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/html/uscode14/usc_sec_14_00000001----000-.html U.S. military base].<ref>[http://www.uscg.mil/History/Women%20Chronology.html Women in the Coast Guard: Moments in History<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref>
The Mediterranean during the 1980s was the scene of numerous terrorist attacks. 1985-1986 saw an increase in tensions. On April 15, 1986, [[Libya]] fired two [[Scud]]s at the [[LORAN-C transmitter Lampedusa|U.S. Coast Guard]] navigation station on the Italian island, in retaliation for the [[Operation El Dorado Canyon|American bombing]] of [[Tripoli]] and [[Benghazi]], and the death of [[Colonel Gaddafi]]'s daughter. However, the missiles passed over the island, landing in the sea, and caused no damage.