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''Main article'': [[Causes of sexual orientation]]
A broad array of opinion holds that much human behavior ultimately is explainable in terms of [[natural selection]]. From this point of view, the reason why humanity as a whole exhibits a strong statistical tendency towards heterosexuality is that heterosexual intercourse has the potential for producing offspring and homosexual intercourse does not.
In traditional societies individuals are often under heavy social pressure to marry and have children, irrespective of their sexual orientation. On the other hand many homosexuals wish for children, and some have found a way to procreate in spite of their sexual preference, generally through [[Artificial insemination|artificial]] or [[sexual intercourse|natural insemination]].
Not all people who are attracted or have sexual relationships with members of the opposite sex identify themselves as heterosexual: people who do not identify primarily as heterosexual may sometimes engage in heterosexual behaviour. Similarly, some people frequently have sex with members of the same sex yet still see themselves as heterosexual.
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== Книги ==
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* Kinsey, Alfred C., et al., ''„Sexual Behavior in the Human Female“''. Indiana University Press. ISBN 025333411X
* [http://www.inoohr.org/ Международна организация за хетеросексуални права]
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