Разлика между версии на „Мигел Найдорф“

Бот: коригиране на неработеща препратка chessmetrics.com
м (Робот Добавяне: ca:Miguel Najdorf)
м (Бот: коригиране на неработеща препратка chessmetrics.com)
== World Championship contender ==
Najdorf's string of superb successes from 1939 to 1947 had raised him into the ranks of the world's top players. According to [[Chessmetrics]], he was ranked second in the world from mid 1947 to mid 1949.<ref>[http://db.chessmetrics.com/cm/CM2/Summary.asp?Params=194510SSSSS3S000000000000111000000000000010100 Chessmetrics Summary for 1945 — 1955], Chessmetrics</ref> Despite his strong results, Najdorf was not invited to the [[World Chess Championship 1948|1948 World Championship tournament]].
Although not a full-time chess professional (for many years he worked in the [[insurance]] business), he was one of the world's leading chess players in the 1950s and 1960s and he excelled in playing [[blindfold chess]]. In 1950 [[FIDE]] made him of the inaugural [[International Grandmaster]]s. In the same year he played at [[Budapest]] in the [[Candidates Tournament]] to select a challenger for the [[world chess championship]], and finished fifth. Three years later, in the [[Zürich]] Candidates Tournament in 1953, he finished sixth. He did not qualify for the Candidates again. The closest was in the following cycle, when he narrowly failed to qualify from the 1955 [[Interzonal]].<ref>[http://www.mark-weeks.com/chess/5557$iix.htm 1955 Goteborg Interzonal Tournament], Mark Weeks' Chess Pages</ref>