Разлика между версии на „Беседа:Флирт (водка)“

редакция без резюме
(Image in the article scheduled for deletion, you guys may know why it shouldn't be)
Hey guys.
Today, [[:ccommons:Commons:Deletion requests/Files in Category:Vodka bottles|a deletion thread]] was run. It includes the picture used in this article. While the picture itself may not be such a big concern, the thread itself rises question of possibility of making other pictures of Bulgarian Vodka brand bottles.
Does someone know how to approach this and find out whether it is in fact not as easy to produce free images of Bulgarian vodka bottles? --表 <b><font color="#ffaa00">[[User:Михајло Анђелковић|Михајло]]</font></b> <sup><sub>[</sub> <font color="red">[[User talk:Михајло Анђелковић|talk]]</font> <sub>]</sub></sup> 20:08, 21 декември 2013 (UTC)