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== Cast ==
* Duchess (Mother Cat From The White Cat)-[[Eva Gabor]]
* Duchess (The Song) (Mother Cat From The White Cat)-[[Robie Lester]]
* Thomas O'Malley (Daddy Cat From The Orange Cat)-[[Phil Harris]]
* Edgar Balthazar-[[Roddy Maude-Roxby]]
* Roquefort (The Mouse)-[[Sterling Holloway]]
* The Uncle George (The Old The Man)-[[Charles Lane]]
* Napoleon (The Dog)-[[Pat Buttram]]
* Lafayette (The Dog)-[[George Lindsey]]
* Amelia (The Goose)-[[Monica Evans]]
* Abigail (The Goose)-[[Carole Shelley]]
* Marie (The Kitten From The White Cat)-[[Liz English]]
* Toulouse (The Kitten From The Orange Cat)-[[Dean Clark]]
* Berlioz (The Kitten From The Grey Cat)-[[Gary Dubin]]
* Madame Adelaide Bonfamille-[[Hermione Baddeley]]
* Uncle Waldo (The Goose)-[[Bill Thompson]]
* Frou-Frou (Horse)-[[Nancy Kulp]]
* Frou-Frou (The Horse) (The Song)-[[Ruth Buzzi]]
* Scat Cat And His Friends (The Cats)-[[Scatman Crothers]]
* Scat Cat And His Friends (The Cats)-[[Paul Winchell]]
* Scat Cat And His Friends (The Cats)-[[Lord Tim Hudson]]
* Scat Cat And His Friends (The Cats)-[[Vito Scotti]]
* Scat Cat And His Friends (The Cats)-[[Thurl Ravenscroft]]
* The Truck Driver (The Boys 1)-[[Roddy Maude-Roxby]]
* The Truck Driver (The Boys 2)-[[Roddy Maude-Roxby]]
* The French The Milk The Master/The France The Cook-[[Peter Renaday]]
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