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(Нова страница: „'''Голем''' (на гръцки: ''Γουλάμος''/Goulamos, ок. 1252–56) е последния независим владетел на Арба...“)
Редакция без резюме
{{друго значение|последния [[властел]] на [[Арбанон]]|съществото от еврейския фолклор|Голем}}
'''Голем''' (на [[гръцки]]: ''Γουλάμος''/Goulamos, ок. 1252–56) е последния независим владетел на [[Арбанон]]. <ref name="Nicol1986">{{cite book|author=Donald MacGillivray Nicol|title=Studies in Late Byzantine History and Prosopography|url=http://books.google.com/books?id=XnKgAAAAMAAJ|date=1 January 1986|publisher=Variorum Reprints|isbn=978-0-86078-190-5}} {{quote|But he was overruled by Demetrios Chomatianos M. In due course the daughter of Kamonas married a local magnate called Golem (or Goulamos), and Kroia and Arbanon reverted to native rule. Golem was connected not only with the Serbian royal family but also by marriage with John Batatzes of Nicaea; and it was through this latter connexion that he was tempted into joining the winning side in Macedonia in 1252, when the armies ...}}</ref>
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