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м (Шаблон:Инфокутия военен конфликт → Шаблон:Военен конфликт)
| резултат = Победа за Османската империя
| страна1 = [[Image:Flag_of_the_Ottoman_Empire_(1453-1844).svg|22px]] [[Османска империя]]
| страна2 = [[Image:Flag of Persia 1502-1524.pngsvg|22px]] [[Сефевиди]]
| командир1 = [[Image:Flag_of_the_Ottoman_Empire_(1453-1844).svg|22px]] Султан [[Селим I]]
| командир2 = [[Image:Flag of Persia 1502-1524.pngsvg|22px]] Шах [[Исмаил I]]
| сила1 = 60 000<ref name=Keegan>Keegan & Wheatcroft, ''Who's Who in Military History'', Routledge, 1996. p. 268 "In 1515 Selim marched east with some 60,000 men; a proportion of these were skilled Janissaries, certainly the best infantry in Asia, and the sipahis, equally well-trained and disciplined cavalry. [...] The Azerbaijanian army, under Shah Ismail, was almost entirely composed of Turcoman tribal levies, a courageous but ill-disciplined cavalry army. Slightly inferior in numbers to the Turks, their charges broke against the Janissaries, who had taken up fixed positions behind rudimentary field works."</ref> до 212 000<ref name=Savory>Roger M. Savory, Iran under the Safavids, Cambridge, 1980, p. 41</ref><ref name="Sarwar">Ghulam Sarwar, "History of Shah Isma'il Safawi", AMS, New York, 1975, p. 79</ref>
| сила2 = 12 000 до 40 000<ref name=Sarwar/><ref name=Savory/>