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<!--==Geography & Climate==
[[ImageFile:Pelagie Islands map.png|thumb|right|200px|Lampedusa and nearby islands]]
Политически и административно Лампедуза е част от [[Италия]], но географски принадлежи на [[Африка]], дълбо1ината на морето между острова и африканския бряг на надвишава 120 м. Lampedusa is an arid island, dominated by a [[garigue]] landscape, with [[maquis shrubland]] in the west. It has no sources of water other than irregular rainfall. The fauna and flora of Lampedusa are similar to those of North Africa, with a few [[Pelagic zone|pelagic]] [[Endemism|endemic]] species. {{Citation needed|date=August 2010}} Overall the island has two slopes, from west to east, and from north to south of the island. The southern-western side is dominated by deep gorges, while the south-eastern part is dominated by shallows valleys and sandy beaches. The entire northern coast is dominated by cliffs, gently slope cliffs on the east coast, vertical sheer cliffs on the west coast.
[[File:Isola Dei Conigli.JPG|thumb|right| The island of Rabbits]]
[[File:Gregale cliffs lampedusa.JPG|thumb|right|North-Eastern Cliffs of Lampedusa]]
The ''Isola dei Conigli'' (literally ‘Island of Rabbits’), which is close to the south coast of Lampedusa, is one of the last remaining egg-laying sites in Italy for the [[Loggerhead Sea Turtle]], which is endangered throughout the [[Mediterranean]]. The beach and the neighbouring island are part of a [[nature reserve]]: here the singer-songwriter [[Domenico Modugno]] spent his vacations, and died here in 1994. Next to Parise Cape is a small beach accessible only by sea, through a low [[grotto]]. Other species living along the island's coast include mantas and [[dolphin]]s.
[[ImageFile:Lampedusa versante sud.jpg|thumb|200px|right|The south coast of Lampedusa]]
Historically, Lampedusa was a landing place and a maritime base for the ancient [[Phoenicia]]ns, [[Ancient Greece|Greek]]s, [[Ancient Roman|Roman]]s and [[Arab]]s. The Romans established a plant for the production of the prized fish sauce known as ''[[garum]]''. As a result of pirate attacks by the Arabs, the island became uninhabited.
The NATO base was decommissioned in 1994 and transferred to Italian military control. It can still be seen clearly on [[Google Earth]] (keyword: Lampedusa), at the west end of the island, with swimming pool and outbuildings visible.
[[ImageFile:lampedusa coast line.jpg|right|thumb|Coastline of Lampedusa.]]
==Illegal immigration issue==
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