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Not all people who are attracted or have sexual relationships with members of the opposite sex identify themselves as heterosexual: people who do not identify primarily as heterosexual may sometimes engage in heterosexual behaviour. Similarly, some people frequently have sex with members of the same sex yet still see themselves as heterosexual.
According to [[American Psychiatric Association]] (APA), there are numerous theories about the origins of a person's sexual orientation, but some believe that "sexual orientation is most likely the result of a complex interaction of environmental, cognitive and biological factors", and that genetic factors, play a "significant role" in determining a person's sexuality.[[Heterosexuality#References|<nowiki>[5]</nowiki>]] The APA currently officially states that sexual orientation is not chosen and cannot be changed, a radical reversal from the recent past, when non-normative sexuality was considered a deviancy or mental ailment treatable through institutionalization or other radical means.
== Жаргон ==
Една от основните [[гей-жаргон]]ни думи за ''хетеросексуален'' е чуждицата '''''стрейт'''''. Оригиналното и&#768;ѝ значение е ''прав, правилен''. ''Стрейт'' е прилагателно (''стрейт хора, стрейт поведение'') и употребата му като съществително (''един стрейт'' или ''стрейтове'') е неуместна. По-широкоприет термин е '''''хетеро''''', съкращение от ''хетеросексуален''.
== Вижте също ==
== Книги ==
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