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'''Кушанската империя''' ({{lang-|sa|कुषाण राजवंश}}) е [[държава]] в [[Южна Азия]], съществувала от началото на 1 век до края на 4 век.
''Кушаните'' са един от петте клона на [[юеджи]],<ref>{{cite book | last=Runion | first=Meredith L. | title=The history of Afghanistan | year=2007 | publisher=Greenwood Press | location=Westport | isbn=978-0-313-33798-7 | page=46 | quote=The Yuezhi people conquered Bactria in the second century B.C.E. and divided the country into five chiefdoms, one of which would become the Kushan Empire. Recognizing the importance of unification, these five tribes combined under the one dominate Kushan tribe, and the primary rulers descended from the Yuezhi.}}</ref><ref name=liu156>{{cite book | last=Liu | first=Xinrui | title=Agricultural and pastoral societies in ancient and classical history | year=2001 | publisher=Temple University Press | location=Philadelphia | isbn=978-1-56639-832-9 | page=156 | editor=Adas, Michael}}</ref> номадски [[Индоевропейци|индоевропейски]] (може би [[Тохари|тохарски]] или [[Ирански народи|ирански]]<ref>http://books.google.dk/books?id=DMSuoVGV988C&printsec=frontcover&dq=Sassanid+and+huns&hl=da&sa=X&ei=cXfRUcPOMMjvOcfLgYgO&ved=0CE0Q6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=Sassanid%20and%20huns&f=false</ref>) народ,<ref>"They are, by almost unanimous opinion, Indo-Europeans, probably the most oriental of those who occupied the steppes." Roux, p.90</ref> преселил се от [[Таримски басейн|Таримския басейн]] в [[Бактрия]].<ref name=liu156/>
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