Разлика между версии на „Тибетски будистки канон“

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* [http://www.rinpoche.com/palttc.html Overview of typical Kagyu shedra curriculum]
* [http://jbe.gold.ac.uk/12/edelglass-review.pdf Review of ''The Sound of Two Hands Clapping: The Education of a Tibetan Buddhist Monk''] This title provides a first hand account of the monastic college experience, with much information about the practice of scholarship. Focused on but not limited to the Gelug tradition.
* [http://www.mahamudra.ru/bud/ http://www.mahamudra.ru/bud/]
* [http://spiritual.ru/lib/otv.html http://spiritual.ru/lib/otv.html]
* [http://www.karma-kagyu.org.ua/teach/buddhism.php http://www.karma-kagyu.org.ua/teach/buddhism.php]
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