Разлика между версии на „Хеопс“

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| Golden= Bikwy-nub <br /> ''Bjk.wj-nb.w''<br>''The twice golden falcon''<br><hiero>G5*G5:S12</hiero><br><br>'''[[Abydos King List]]'''<br>Khufu<br>''Ḫ(w)j.f w(j)''<br>''He protects me''<br><hiero><-Aa1:f-w-></hiero>
<br><br>'''[[Saqqara Tablet]]'''<br>Khufu<br>''Ḫ(w)j.f w(j)''<br>''He protects me''<br><hiero><-Aa1:f-w-f-></hiero>
<br><br>'''[[Turin King List]]'''<br>''Name lost in a lacuna''<br><br>[[FileФайл:Khufu Wadi Maghara RIGHT.png|300px|centerцентър]] Relief with the titulary of Khufu from the [[Wadi Maghareh]].
| NebtyHiero= <hiero>Aa24:D21</hiero>
| Nebty= Nebty-r-medjed <br> ''Mḏd-r-Nnb.tj''<br>''He who crushes (the enemies) of the two Ladies''
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* [http://www.aldokkan.com/egypt/cheops.htm Фараон Хеопс]
* [http://kheops.cvereecke.com Компютърна графика на Великата хеопсова пирамида]