Разлика между версии на „Пелагий (теолог)“

без   интервал; козметични промени
м (fix; козметични промени)
м (без   интервал; козметични промени)
* [http://www.seanmultimedia.com/Pie_Council_Of_Carthage_May_1_418.html Canons From The Council Of Carthage Against Pelagianism, May 1, 418]
* [https://web.archive.org/web/20140317175252/http://www.brojed.org/pelagius.html   Deacon Geoffrey Ó Riada. ''Pelagius: To Demetrias''. An analysis of the letter and a brief biography.{{dead link|date=October 2014}}]
* [http://www.earlychurchtexts.com/main/pelagius/pelagius_letter_to_demetrias.shtml Latin] and [http://www.earlychurchtexts.com/public/pelagius_letter_to_demetrias.htm English] versions of a short section of the letter to Demetrias.