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Hello there! Sorry for my writing in English and even for my writing in possible wrong place (as I don't speak Bulgarian). I reached this page from the Romanian equivalent: User Name and I was wondering if usurpation was possible on the Bulgarian wiki. Thank you! --Pv7721 11:34, 8 февруари 2009 (UTC)

Usurpations are to be requested on the page Уикипедия:Заявки към бюрократите. Cheers, Спири 11:42, 8 февруари 2009 (UTC)
Blagadarea! I've already made the request on that page... What about the interwiki duplicates on this page, do you think they can be fixed? --Pv7721 12:42, 8 февруари 2009 (UTC)
Назад към проектната страница „Потребителско име“.