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Welcome to the medical translation project. Our goal is to spread translations of high quality medical content into as many languages as possible.

Medical translationEnglish Translation TaskForce

The Translation Task Force is a collaborative effort begun in 2011 to first improve health care's most important topics in English followed by translation into as many other languages as possible, one of the absolute major or which is Bulgarian. It is an undertaking initiated by WikiProject Medicine, Wikimedia Project Med Foundation, and Translators Without Borders. Wiki Project Med Foundation and Translators Without Borders are both supporting organizations of, and connected with each other through, Healthcare Information For All by 2015. A complete list of languages in which Wikipedia exists related to the number of speakers of said language can be found here


Our goal is to translate the ~100 most important medical articles into as many languages as possible. We are also translating summaries of a larger number of less key articles.
A flow diagram illustrating the article flow process of the WP:MED journal collaboration and translation project

We currently have 33 articles ready to be translated in both full and simplified versions. And we have an addition 45 simplified articles. If you are interested in translating an article please email Enrique Cavalitto enrique at proz dot com. If you are interested in improving articles prior to translation please contact Doc James or simply create a Wikipedia account and start editing.

Translating the articles to BulgarianРедактиране

The translation will take place from the full or simplified English edition of the articles and:

Adding articles into the Bulgarian WPРедактиране

Ideally this will be taken care of by local Bulgarian Wikipedian. Instructions on how to add articles is here (including the user name and password to access the TWB website.) Additional instructions on how to translate into Bulgarian can be found here (incomplete July, 2014).

What you can doРедактиране

  1. Mark simple articles Do translate or Don't translate at the List of simplified articles & List of full articles
  2. A list of articles to be integrated is available below


This page is a directory of articles translated into Bulgarian by Translators Without Borders on behalf of Wikiproject Medicine and Wikiproject Medicine - Translation Taskforce. Each article needs to be integrated with any article that previously exists, and should not replace it unless the older article does not include any additional information. Articles should be merged with older articles when applicable.

The English articles have been judged worthy of at least Good Article (GA) status and are of high quality and have also been checked by a medical doctor: James Heilman before being sent to translation. This effort does not intend to undermine the work on other language Wikipedias, but to complement it and give a high quality base article that can be built upon.

To get involved please add your name at the applicable article to take a role of (lead) integrator for this article, and change the status from Translated to Integrating. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch on my talk page or through e-mail, and I will get in touch with you as fast as I can. Once the article is finished change the note to Done, and don't forget to update the main page with a link to the Bulgarian article.

Thanks, CFCF (беседа) 07:40, 23 юли 2014 (UTC)


The following articles have been translated, but have not yet been integrated into the Bulgarian Wikipedia.

In progress
Translation Alternative names Main article Status Integrator Date complete
Уикипедия:Медицина/Translation/Tuberculosis ТБЦ (TB)
Туберкулоза Translated Izvora 23 юли 2014
Уикипедия:Медицина/Translation/Meningitis - Менингит Translated - -
Уикипедия:Медицина/Translation/Lung cancer Рак на белите дробове Рак на белия дроб Translated - -
Уикипедия:Медицина/Translation/Multiple sclerosis Множествената склероза
Множествена склерозаCscr-featured.png Translated DON'T/FA -
Уикипедия:Медицина/Translation/Lower back pain Lumbago
болка в кръста
Лумбаго In place
Needs checking
- -
Уикипедия:Медицина/Translation/Epilepsy Епилепсията
Епилепсия Translated - -
  1. We need local Wikipedians to indicate in a table which articles should and should not be translated.
  2. We have a list of articles in English that are ready to be translated into other languages here
  3. Many English articles are still in need of improvement and there is much work left that can be done by non-medical editors including improving sections on the history of the disease or its social and cultural significance (this can be done based on books found via Google books).

People involvedРедактиране

If you are interested in the international arm of this project please add yourself to the list of people involved along with your languages abilities. If you are interested in helping out with the Bulgarian translation and integration process add your name here:

Reasons to become involvedРедактиране

Wikipedia is the most used health care resource on the Internet both by unique visitors and by pageviews. For all those interested in global health this is an opportunity to help bring high quality healthcare information to the world. The English Wikipedia has come far in creating high quality, well-sourced articles, and spreading these to Bulgarian and other languages will further the cause of free knowledge.

The effort is primarily concentrating on 80 top importance medical articles of global significance. Currently they are put together as a en:WP:Book in English at en:Book:Health care and in simple English at here. In the month of February 2012 these pages in English received a total of 10.6 million page views.[1] A more in depth breakdown can be found at popular pages of the translation taskforce

A comparison of unique visitors for Wikipedia's medical content versus that of other popular health sites. Aug 2012
A comparison of pageviews for Wikipedia's medical content versus that of other healthcare sites. Aug 2012

Mentions by the pressРедактиране


In 2013 1.92M words were translated, which is equivalent to a donation of $384,440 from TWB.