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Hi, Нов потребител en!

Welcome to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You may first like to take a tour at our embassy where you can find editors speaking English and other world languages. They will be able to help you with your editing in Bulgarian Wikipeida. You can also use Google translate of websites to help you viewing and reading the content or Google text translate to help you with writing in Bulgarian but have in mind the text produced by Google online translation if you use it for writing is apprehensible but not always syntactically and lexically correct in Bulgarian.

If you are completely new to Wikipedia, take a look at the English welcoming section. Otherwise, to edit Wikipedia you don't need specific abilities, so don't hesitate to give your contribution!

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia based on wiki-technology. We build a net of articles, categories, portals, etc. with it which can be edited by anyone anytime. All advices and recommendations that you will receive by English or other language speakers of the Bulgarian Wikipeida who are probably also more experienced are good-hearted and with the intention of helping you.

  • If you are unable to cope with some problems while using the Bulgarian Wikipedia manual don't hesitate to ask the community.
  • In order to avoid mistakes during editing use button „Предварителен преглед“ (Priview) as to see how your edition will look like and later save changes. But don't worry if you make a mistake while editing. You can browse through the page history (История) and information could be restored.
Talk page
  • This massage is left on your talk page (беседа) where other fellow editors can leave you messages and you can discuss issues.
  • Your user page (потребителска страница) is the place where other Bulgarian users can see something about you. You can place text, images, quotations, links to issues you are editing and in such way to tell about you and your interests to others.
Advices for beginners
  • Sign when you write on discussion pages (with four tildes ~~~~)
  • During editing always fill the resume section (Резюме) short description of made by you changes.
  • Check pages and discussion pages of interest to you with Page watch (Наблюдаване на страницата) right below resume section so that you can see when other editors make changes at these articles; you can also make a check at your Watch list (списък за наблюдение).
  • If you like you can share at your User page (потребителска страница) about your language knowledge using languages template. You can add also other user templates like browser preference, wiki projects participation and other.
  • Images that you upload in Wikipedia should be under free licence. It is preferable that you upload them in Wikipedia Commons: Uploading in Wikipedia.
  • It is important that the issues you write follows the standards for neutral point of view. Try to cite your sources.
Wikipedia issues
  • Content of Wikipedia issues is a result of the work of many editors, you can discuss the content, advise for changes or ask questions on pages' discussion (Беседа) that is right to the issues, but necessary changes may be included in issue with templates asking for improvement.
  • Beside the issues you can also see links to other languages where you can read the same topic in another language. Many of the issues in Bulgarian wikipedia are translations by editors and this is indicated at the bottom of the issues.
  • Some issues need update and they are located in Categoric:Issues for actualization.
  • Otherwise add necessary changes and edit to make issues fir Wikipedia standards.